Monday, March 2, 2009

Friend Makin’ Mondays ~ Daydreaming

This week for Friend Makin’ Monday, Kasey at All That is Good has posed a question that lets us do a bit of daydreaming ~ if you had $1,000, and a babysitter for a period of 24 hours, what would you do? Now as I am as yet childless, I sure don’t need the babysitter but I could make good use of the $1,000 (and I will assume that I only have 24 hours to spend it!).

The first thing I would do is run to Costco and pick up the gift certificate for a one-night stay, country breakfast for two, and two 50-minute spa treatments at Salish Lodge near Snoqualmie Falls that Nate and I have been eyeing for months. The gift certificate is $369.99, so it’s a tad out of our regular price range, but what better time to splurge than when you have $1,000 to spend! The Lodge is supposed to be a fabulous place to stay, and Snoqualmie Falls is just beautiful.

I would then head over to the mall and search for the perfect little black dress and cute strappy sandals. I would probably drag my mom along during my search ~ she is the best shopping buddy and almost always gives me an honest opinion about the clothes I’m trying on. The first (and probably only) stop in our search would be at White House Black Market, my favorite shop for fancy dresses.

After treating my mom to a nice, early lunch, I would bid her adieu and make a stop at Gene Juarez to get a nice haircut for my romantic evening with my sweetie. I’ve only gotten my hair cut there once, but it was by far the best haircut of my life, and I’d love to go there again.

Following my hair cut, I would meet Nate at home, where a limo would be waiting to take us to Salish Lodge. We would make a stop on our way at a dance studio somewhere in Seattle for a private tango lesson. I’ve been dancing for years, but Nate is just learning and he’ll need to pick up a few steps to be ready for our evening plans.

After the lesson, we’d arrive at the Lodge for our spa treatments.

We would then get all dressed up, and take the limo back to Seattle for a romantic, candlelit dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant (our favorite), and then head to a quiet club to dance a little tango.

After a bit of dancing, we’d head back to the Lodge and enjoy the beautiful accommodations there.

In the morning, we would enjoy our delicious country breakfast (which would hopefully be delivered to our room), and then head back to our normal lives, happy to have the memories of a wonderful night to remind us how lucky we were to be gifted with $1,000!

Hoping $1,000 falls into my lap someday soon so I can make my daydream a reality,


Rhonda said...

Hi! Oooh this is one of my favorite lists I've read! I would love to take dance lessons with my hubby! Love your lovely dress picks and LOVE those shoes!!!

jenjen said...

Hi Heather! I loved reading about your daydream. How sweet that you and your mom are so close! It sounds fun to take dancing lessons. Great idea!

Have a great day!


Tanielle said...

My husband dancing...hahaha! But would be a nice daydream! Great list, and super well planned! Hope you can enjoy it one day!

Xazmin said...

It all sounds so fabulous! And I love those shoes! Cute high heels are definitely an obsession with me. I used my money to buy more than one pair!!

Kasey said...

Love, love, love both dresses and the shoe! I am also thinking that your whole day dream was fantastic and I'm thinking I might have to borrow a few ideas for when I come into another imaginary $1000!

Have a great night!!!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

What a great daydream! The lodge looks fantastic, and I love your limo idea! My husband would only go for dance lessons in a daydream - HA!

Pam said...

Hi I didn't even think about dance lessons. I have this picture in my head of me and the hubby doing the mambo like on dancing with the stars! Are you excited for the new season??