Thursday, March 5, 2009

Favorite Thing of the Week ~ My Brides!

I opted not to do a “favorite thing of the week” post last week as I had just posted my ten favorite things as part of Kasey’s Friend Makin’ Mondays. But it’s back this week, and here it is!

My favorite thing of the week ~ my brides! When I decided to start making garters (the idea hit me after purchasing some garter-ish lace to wear in my hair for an 80’s birthday party we were DJing for), I didn’t really think about all the brides I would come into contact with (silly, I know ~ who else did I think I’d be selling to?!?). And I have to say that I have really enjoyed my conversations with them as we’ve discussed exactly what they wanted for their garters ~ what colors, what style, feathers or no feathers, crystals or pearls, etc. I have sold to brides all over the world (Etsy is amazing for connecting people from so many corners of the planet!) and love the idea that brides in Sweden, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada are wearing my garters!

A few brides really stick out in my mind ~ my first custom order in particular. The bride and I must have emailed back and forth 15 times in six hours or so trying to nail down exactly what she wanted. We eventually reached the same page, and she stated that she needed the garters by Saturday. And this was all happening on Wednesday. I got myself in a bit of a panic, thinking that her wedding was rapidly approaching, and told her that I could mail them out by Friday, but that it would probably cost her as much as the garters to overnight them. She opted to go with a regular mail delivery, and was very pleased with the garters when they reached her that next Tuesday. I then found out that her wedding is in May. 2010. Not quite sure why she needed them so soon, but I have since learned to ask a bride when her big day is before giving myself a heart attack trying to finish a custom order within a few days! (On a side note, the bride has turned out to be a big sweetie and is begging me to start making other wedding accessories like ring pillows and hair fascinators.)

Another memorable bride asked if I could make her a set of garters in royal blue and silver. Her fiancé’s favorite beer is Busch Light, and she thought it would be fun to surprise him with a garter in those colors. What a fabulous idea! Here is a picture of the set ~ I’m so pleased with how it turned out, and am planning to add other “beer color” garters to my shop soon!

A month or so ago, I received a custom order request from a bride who really wanted a garter set in her fiancé’s family tartan. He will be wearing a kilt for their wedding, and she really wanted to have a garter that would match. We searched and searched for ribbon in his tartan, but had no luck finding a retailer here in the states. Mother~in~law~to~be to the rescue! She ordered the ribbon from overseas, and it should be here soon. I promise to post pictures of the set when it’s completed. (And hopefully the bride will send me a picture of her and her hubby with their matching tartans!)

Looking forward to meeting new brides as my business grows,

P.S. I made my 50th sale on Etsy this morning. Whoo hoo!