Thursday, March 12, 2009

Favorite Thing of the Week ~ Family

My favorite thing this week (and one of my favorite things every week) is the fabulous extended family I have received as a result of my relationship with Nate, the best boyfriend in the world. Here is where I gush about them and how much I love them. :o)

I have been blessed with two amazing parents who I consider to be two of my best friends. We have always been very close, and I know that I am very fortunate to have great relationships with both of them. Unfortunately, I was not similarly blessed with siblings. When I was younger, I didn’t mind being an only child ~ it meant that I almost always had my parents’ undivided attention and was given more opportunities than I probably would have had if I’d had siblings because my parents’ resources and time did not have to be shared. As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ve realized that the perks of being an only child come with downsides. Holidays are quieter and can be lonely, there will be no one to share in the care of my parents if they should need it as they age, and I don’t have the built~in friends that siblings often become to one another. (In addition, getting almost everything I ever wanted has made me somewhat selfish, which I will willingly admit to but am often very embarrassed by. If anyone out there is considering only having one child, DON’T! Kids need siblings!)

Because we have such a small family, I have always hoped that I would meet and fall in love with someone who had a big family. I want brothers and sisters! Nieces and nephews! More aunts and uncles! And I am so happy to say that that is exactly what has happened. I have fallen for an amazing guy who has wonderful parents, great brothers who are dating girls I love, a fabulous grandpa, and more aunts and uncles than I know what to do with. They are a big Italian family that very much resembles the family from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” and I could not be happier now that I am considered one of the bunch. The family is loud and loving, close~knit and supportive, and has made me feel welcome from Day 1. Not only have I fallen for a great guy, but I’ve also fallen for his family. I am so blessed!

Happy to be part of a big family at long last,


Kristina P. said...

That's so great! Big families are a lot of fun.

jenjen said...

I'm so glad that you found someone with a big family! Big families are so fun.

Good for you! I enjoyed reading your post!