Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Favorite Thing of the Week ~ May Arts Ribbon

I have done a lot of searching online for ribbon over the past six months, and if I had to be honest, I would say that I’m not 100% satisfied with the ribbon I’ve been using for my garters. Don’t get me wrong ~ the quality of the ribbon I use now is decent, the price of the ribbon is affordable enough that I am able to sell my garters at a reasonable price and still make a profit, and the ribbon works up well and makes beautiful garters. But I have still been left wanting more…

We were at the small craft store in our hometown this weekend, and I caught myself drooling over their inventory of ribbon available for purchase by the yard. I noticed a website address on the spool, and had looked it up and registered as a wholesale customer by the time we got home. The company is May Arts, and if you are a ribbon fanatic (Ashley @ The Domestic Fashionista and Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful, this means you!), you have to check out their gorgeous ribbon! It is by far my favorite thing of the week! I have been dying to place an order since Saturday morning when I got my confirmation of registration, but am trying to be responsible as resources are tight with our upcoming move and I won’t have time to make anything with the beautiful ribbon until May anyway. So until then, I will continue to drool over their wonderful selection, and share a few of my favorites with all of you!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!



Kristina P. said...

That ribbon is awesome!

I thought you were taking a bloggy break?