Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Kisses

Instead of giving us a topic for Wordless Wednesday this week, Dixie has made it "Blogger's Choice." I've been feeling romantic lately, so I decided to make "Kisses" my topic.

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Have a wonderful day!



Linda C said...

Ooooh kisses:) Nice. I especially like the chocolate ones!

Happy WW!

Linda C

Leah said...

Beautiful pictures!

Kristina P. said...

Such fun pictures!

Lynda said...

Great pictures!

Claudie said...

Nothing like Kisses. I have tons of little choc. ones ready for my post tomorrow. How fun.
I must say I have never in my life met a "garter lady". How much fun is that?
Nice to meet you Heather.
Love Claudie
P.S. I would come more often but you don't have the drop down list on your "Choose an identity" The one that says URL/name.
I do not use my google account sorry

ClassyChassy said...

great shots posted - loved them!

Deb said...

Perfect wordless wednesday post, love those kisses, thank you for stopping by to visit!

Jill said...

kisses... love it. Happy WW!

Dixie said...

I love kisses and you've posted 3 of my 4 favorites... the sailor and the nurse, Rhett and Scarlet and Hersheys... but my favorite movie kiss of all time was "From Here to Eternity," Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.. now THAT was a KISS! gotta go see what Ricky is up to and give him a big KISS!
hugs. Dixie

ann said...

Oh girl,did you do good.i love them all but frankly Scarlett has got to be the best....Ann

xinex said...

Cute "kisses" pics!...Christine

momma said...

so cute! we just read the "pout, pout fish" book with my son. at the end the fish become a "kiss, kiss fish."

jenjen said...

Those pictures are so great!!!


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

hugs & kisses..

Happy WW