Tuesday, March 17, 2009

House~Hunting is the Pits!

We started our search for a new house to rent at the beginning of the month as our current lease is up at the end of April. The search hasn’t been nearly as easy as I anticipated ~ we have a lot of requirements for a house: 3 bedrooms so I can have a room to set up as a sewing room for my business and Nate can have a room to use as his photography studio, space for our exercise equipment, a garage to store Nate’s disc jockey equipment and ATV, a fenced yard for the puppy we hope to get in June, and of course, a landlord who is okay with a puppy living in his house. Bonus points if the house is close to our jobs (I’ve gotten really spoiled living just ten minutes away from work and would love to continue to live this close if possible) and affordable enough that it will allow us to save money to buy a house in the future.

I really need us to know where we’re going to be living by the end of March, not only for my sanity (I’m starting to freak out that we don’t know where we’re going to end up), but also because the first few weeks of April are going to be C~R~A~Z~Y. I know I won’t have any time to house hunt with the overtime hours I’m going to be working on top of trying to find time to pack. We’re hoping to start moving by mid~April, which will give us a week or so to move and another week to get the house we’re in now all cleaned up. Time is running out!

So far, we’ve viewed three houses ~ the first was perfect other the fact that it didn’t have a garage and that it had one of those horrible old narrow staircases that I’m always afraid I’m going to fall down ~ it had lots of space, beautiful hardwood floors throughout, a new fireplace, and a big backyard. The second house was an adorable old Craftsman home in a great neighborhood, but the bedrooms and closets were tiny and the price was ridiculously high. The third house was, I kid you not, less than 800 square feet. It was so small that we would have felt claustrophobic being home just the two of us ~ forget about having family over for a visit or storing even half of my craft supplies!

We are viewing two houses today ~ we’ve stopped by both of them and peeked in through the windows, and they both seem to have the things we’re looking for. Fingers crossed that one of them is:

I don’t know how much more house~hunting I can take! :o)



Kristina P. said...

Good luck! One of my favorite shows is on HGTV, called House Hunters. I love looking at homes.

Rhonda said...

Good luck Heather! Thanks for becoming a follower!! :D

Michelle said...

Good luck! As Kristina said above I love that show House Hunters and this post reminded me of it. :) Hey, at least you can be thankful you can afford to buy a house in this economy! :) I think you'll have no problem finding that perfect place. You'll know it when you see it.