Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Our area was hit with three or four inches of snow yesterday, which isn’t a lot, but is definitely enough to have an impact on our ability to get around considering we rarely get snow and most of us are pretty crummy at driving in it. But it was my almost-sister-in-law’s (Dear Boyfriend’s little brother’s girlfriend) 21st birthday, so out we went to celebrate. Dear Boyfriend’s parents were our designated drivers so we didn’t have to worry about driving ourselves, but when it came time for them to get us home, we ran into some difficulty… We live near some hills, and the little Kia we were in just wasn’t going to make it. So Dear Boyfriend’s dad had to drop us off about ten blocks from home and we had to trek the rest of the way. Did I mention I was wearing heels? Oh, and they’re open-toed. My feet were completely numb about fifteen seconds into our walk. Fun times, fun times. But we did make it home safe and I did regain feeling in all ten toes. Eventually. :o)

We’ve been having a lazy day today (I’m not sure we could even make it out of our neighborhood), but Dear Boyfriend’s older brother made it over this afternoon and all three boys have been outside for the past two and a half hours playing in the snow. And by that I mean they were building an igloo. They had a blast, and here are some pictures of the final product. Enjoy!