Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008 Winter Getaway, Day 1

Dear Boyfriend and I embarked on our winter getaway at 8:00 this morning, despite the multiple inches of new snow on the ground and the disapproval of both of our mothers. After stops at the local Safeway to pick up my road trip staple ~ Hostess's Chocolate Frosted Donettes ~ and two Starbuck's Peppermint Mocha Twists (a tall non-fat w/o whipped cream from me and a grande w/fat for Dear Boyfriend) and at Schuck's for snow chains, we were on our way. We had originally planned on spending our mini-vacation on the Olympic Peninsula, but decided to head up to Vancouver, B.C. instead. We found a great rate on a hotel through Travelocity and figured that if the weather was horrible, we could just leave the car in the parking garage and hoof it.

The drive was less than pleasant. It snowed non-stop ~ at some points, nearing white-out conditions ~ and passing an overturned semi that had flipped halfway off the freeway, taking out multiple sections of the guard rail, minutes before we drove by (the police and ambulance hadn't even arrived) was somewhat terrifying. But we eventually made it safely to our hotel, and had a relaxing afternoon after lunching at Red Robin and doing some window-shopping on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. We just got back to our suite after soaking in the hot tub, and are awaiting the delivery of room service (a first for me ~ I've never had it before!).

Looking forward to quiet evening in and a fun day of sight-seeing tomorrow,