Friday, December 5, 2008

New camera for Dear Boyfriend

Dear Boyfriend got the camera of his dreams – a Nikon D300 - this week, and I’m not sure who is more excited ~ him or me. I am a lot of things, but “photographer” is not one of them, and I’m thrilled to have someone available at my beck and call to take pictures of my latest creations. My sweet dad has been taking all my pictures for me thus far, but we only visit about once a week and it’s been frustrating to have to wait to post garters I’m really pleased with until after our visits. Plus it will be great to take pictures without the help of all the kitties at my parents’ house! I love them to death (I rescued two of them at 4 weeks from underneath a friend’s house ~ it was a sad day when I moved to a house with a mean ol’ landlord who doesn’t allow pets and had to leave them with my parents) but they sure do get in the way! They just can’t seem to stay away from all the pretty ribbons and bows.