Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 Winter Getaway, Day 2

We woke up fairly early this morning and after a quick breakfast at the Starbucks across from our hotel (my chocolate croissant was oh so yummy), walked down by the water to get to the Vancouver Aquarium at Stanley Park. We were accompanied by an elderly gentleman for about half of the walk ~ he jabbered on to us in heavily accented English that we barely understood (although I did catch the part about his thoughts that women should have nothing to do with their husbands for the first two and a half years of their children's lives ~ I refrained from letting him know that I strongly disagree). He seemed very lonely, and I hope our conversation (one~sided as it was) helped to brighten his day.

It. Was. Cold. Not just "I'm glad I have gloves on to keep me warm" cold, but "Wow, I think I may freeze my tushie off" cold. But we managed to make it to the aquarium without losing any major extremities to frost bite and Dear Boyfriend got some beautiful pictures of the snow along the way. We had a good time at the aquarium ~ I hadn't been there since a choir trip we took my senior year of high school ~ and I think we both really enjoyed watching the short dolphin show and viewing some of the different fish and other animals they have there. Dear Boyfriend (a.k.a. Nathan ~ he's not crazy about being called "Dear Boyfriend," although he really is) took some really cool pictures with his new camera ~ he really has a great eye for photography; I hope to get some posted when we get home.

We had another relaxing afternoon ~ I think we both took a two hour nap ~ and headed back to Red Robin for dinner. There are a ton of different restaurants in the area, but based on the reviews we read online, it seems to be hit or miss if they actually serve decent food, so we decided to stick with something we knew we would like. I discovered their delicious poppy seed honey mustard dressing there yesterday, so I had another salad with it on it today. We may have to find a recipe for it online so we can make it ourselves...

Made a quick stop at the ESPRIT store on our way back to the hotel (ESPRIT was one of my favorite clothing lines back in the '90's and I'm not sure you can even get their stuff in the states anymore) and we both found jeans for $19.99 Canadian. Quite the deal considering they were originally $89. Took another dip in the hot tub after that, and now we're getting ready to watch "Eagle Eye" on Pay Per View.

Looking forward to another relaxing night,