Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Want Daisy de la Hoya’s Body!

Because we are all friends and I feel I can trust you, I’m going to make a confession ~ I watch trashy reality dating shows on VH1. I haven’t watched them all, but once I get sucked into a season, I watch ‘til it’s over. I’ve watched multiple seasons of Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Rock of Love, so naturally it follows that I have started to watch Daisy of Love. While Daisy is a bit of a dummy, has too much collagen in her lips, and wears more makeup than she should (she looks far prettier with less on), there is something adorably endearing about her. I really want her to find love this time around! Plus she’s got a rockin’ body. And I want it. I love that she’s a little curvy, not skin and bones, and that she’s a shorty too. (She’s 5’2 compared to my 5’ ½”.) She has toned arms, defined abs, and gorgeous legs. I know it’s probably really silly to base weight loss goals on a reality star’s body, but my new goal is to get her body (minus the silicone breasts). I’m hoping that watching her every week will help keep me motivated to stick with my new healthy living plan.

What do you think? Have you ever set weight loss goals based on a celebrity’s body? Or copied a celebrity’s hairstyle or style of dress?


Amber said...

Wow, she does have a smokin body. It's just way too unnatural to be that thin and have THAT large and perfect breasts. I know they're fake, but I still want to slap her.


I have wished that I had a celebrity's body, but I don't know if I've ever set a goal to look like them. I think it would only work if you happen to have the same body type as them.

I have copied a celebrity's hair cut!! I had the Rachel! And I usually grab a celebrity's picture for inspiration every time.

Kristina P. said...

Me too! I love all these shows. In fact, I have a post in my head about comparing WWE Wrestling to Rock of Love.

jennykate77 said...

Oh yeah, I watch too many TV shows to not compare myself to celebrities and wish I had their_____. I love Addison's hair and lips/mouth on Private Practice. I think Katherine Heigel is so pretty on Grey's and has a very nice proportional body. I can't say there is much about Betty that I wish I had...although I do wish I would have gotten braces when my mom and dad tried/pleaded/and begged me to when I was younger.

jenjen said...

She does have a super body. I don't know if my stomach is ever going to look like that after 4 kids, unless there is a little plastic surgery involved. But, good goal!


Anonymous said...

"I also.. am striving for Daisys bod.. I am 5'3. I don't think she is too thin. Without the implants she might look thinner.. less curvy... but.. over all.. her body rocks. Does anyone know how much she weighs. I am guessing 100 to 105 max.. however.. I have no idea how much the implants weigh in at. Does anyone have any info.. on her diet and excercise regimen? Or.. is it Lipo? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I've been searching all over the next to find out what her work out schedual is, what she eat's and who the hell is her doctor who gave her those smoken boob's I want them and I don't mind paying. Any one knows who does her work. I've never had plastic surgery before, but looking at her is moving me in that direction. It might be superfical but who cares.