Friday, May 29, 2009

Fabulous Finds Friday & Friday Confessions ~ May 29th

It’s almost the weekend! The weather is beautiful here in Washington, and I’m excited to spend some time outside tomorrow! As it is Friday, it’s time for Fabulous Finds Friday and Friday Confessions!

Just a few finds this week ~ I’ve been spending a lot of time on garters and not a lot of time on the Internet. But I did run across this awesome tutorial for a basket made out of newspaper. I have long been a basket lover and I think this one is absolutely adorable. It would make the perfect magazine holder! Let the newspaper collecting begin ~ I want to make one!

I’ve been crocheting some flowers over the past week or so to start using on little girl hair clips {my next business venture ~ I’ll share some of the flowers next week} and found this cute mollie flower pattern while looking online for a little inspiration. I don’t know what I’d ever do with these little flowers, but they sure are cute!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And now onto my confessions. It’s been one of those weeks, so there are quite a few of them!

~ I washed all of my work pants {that fit} Monday afternoon, figuring that would give them plenty of time to air~dry. It didn’t. I went to work on Tuesday in semi~wet pants. They were finally dry at lunchtime.

~ I had the fabulous idea of trying to get 48 of my daily 64 oz of water in at work on Tuesday. Halfway through my second 24 oz bottle, I realized what a mistake this was. I spent the remainder of the day running to the bathroom every 15 minutes!

~ I totally almost fell out of the shower yesterday morning. I was turning around while standing on one foot and almost lost my balance. If I hadn’t caught myself, I’m sure I would have gone flying out of the tub and landed in a pile of naked wetness and shower curtain on the floor. A disaster for sure!

~ Nate made chocolate chip cookies Tuesday night. {He’s been doing quite a bit of baking lately and the dieter in me who’s trying to shed 10 pounds objects!} There were just a few left last night, and after checking with him first, I chucked them in the garbage. They were sitting on the top of the garbage {it was beyond time for the garbage to be taken out} so to make extra sure I wouldn’t be tempted to pull one out {gross, I know, but they were fabulous cookies!}, I swept the kitchen floor and put the sweepings on top of the cookies. Cookie temptation avoided!

Happy Friday!



Anonymous said...

~ Uggg, I HATE semi-wet pants. They feel sooo weird.

~ I drink 64 ozs at least during work. So I totally understand that.

~ At least you didn't hit your head! Can you imagine having to have 911 called with you on the floor, not being able to move in case you ruined your spine?!

~ That is smart. Because I totally would dig in the trash too. Especially cookies. *drool*

Oh, and those flowers are ADORABLE!!! Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend for once in the Pacific Northwest!

Rhonda said...

I love that newspaper unique!! Your body will get use to the extra water. Then you will not have to go to the restroom so much!

Have a fab weekend.

Great tip for avoiding the last cookies!

jennykate77 said...

OMGosh...Me too...on so many things. I too have been trying to get my water intake up to where it should be (i'm downing 12 oz. right now as i'm typing...ok, in between typing). I also have to get rid of sweet things lying around the house. I always make them gross in one way or another, so I can make sure I won't be tempted.

That basket is sooooo cute! My friend is a knitter/crocheter and she found a pattern for a re-usable shopping "bag" made out of the plastic sacks from the store. I thought that was so clever.

Hope your Friday is FABULOUS!!!

jenjen said...

I LOVE that magazine basket. What a cute idea.

Have a super weekend in the sunshine!