Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Confessions & A Recap of My Week

It’s been another one of those weeks and I haven’t had much time to make any fabulous finds. So instead, I decided to follow up my Friday Confessions with a little recap of my week as it’s been a somewhat unusual one. Without further ado, here are my confessions...

  • I was proud of myself for only eating four of the delicious chocolate chip cookies my boss brought in on Tuesday. {In my defense, they were fairly small.} If I keep this up, I will never get Daisy de la Hoya’s body!
  • I am horrible when it comes to getting my hair cut. I routinely go six months between trims. {I can get away with this somewhat because I have long hair that’s pretty healthy.} I just hate going to the salon! I’ve had too many bad haircuts. The last time I got my hair cut, the “senior master designer” at Regis who cut it completely butchered it {i.e., did her own thing rather than doing what I asked for} so obviously I’m scared to go back there. But as my last cut was in October, it’s time to do something. I finally broke down and scheduled an appointment at Gene Juarez on Monday. Fingers crossed that this cut will be better than my last chop job!
  • I have the worst short~term memory on the planet. It is not uncommon for me to ask Nate 2 or 3 times within several minutes if he slept good, how his day was, or if he had a good workout. Not only do I forget that I already asked him the question, but I also FORGET HIS ANSWER! At first, this really irritated him, but now we both just think it’s really funny. Well, I think it’s really funny. He may just tolerate it silently…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I reopened my garter shop last Friday. I still don’t quite have my inventory as well stocked as I’d hoped, but I’m working on garters every spare minute I have. My goal is to have at least three of every garter I make in stock at all times so I can get orders out more quickly. {By this I mean just the garter body without the embellishments ~ I can store them easier without embellishments and adding the embellishments is by far the quickest step of the garter~making process, so it’s really easy to slap them on when I get an order and get the garter{s} out in the mail.} I’m so glad to have my shop back open, even though my sewing room is still a work in progress because I’ve received multiple orders in the past week including SIX requests for custom garters!

In other wedding industry news, Nate and I made the decision this week to start a small wedding decoration rental business. {This ties right in with our future plans of having our own wedding venue.} We’ve started searching on Craigslist for gently used decorations, and made a trip down to our local IKEA on Wednesday to pick up some candle holders and vases. We’re so fortunate to be so close to this amazing store ~ we’re only about forty~five minutes away. As always, our trip there was enjoyable, until SOMEONE STOLE OUR CART!!! We had about fifteen items in our cart, included the reusable shopping bag we bought on our last visit. We were looking at pillows and had wandered away from our cart momentarily ~ when we went back to get it, it was gone! Fifteen minutes later {after we’d gone back through the store and re~gathered everything}, the cart was returned ~ some batty woman had wandered off with it thinking it was hers. The trip was mostly a success ~ Nate found some curtains for his photography studio and we got a few odds and ends for the house, but we were a bit bummed when the duvet cover we fell in love with was not in stock in the size we needed. No matter ~ it should be in in 7~10 days, giving us an excuse to go back!

On the way home from IKEA, we stopped by the hospital to visit Nate’s dad, Doug, who had been admitted for surgery following a discovery during a routine colonoscopy that day. His surgery {which was yesterday} went fairly well ~ from what the surgeons saw, the mass was caused by diverticulitis and while they won’t know for sure until all the pathology comes back, they’re 90% sure that it is not cancer. Great news. But the surgery was more involved than anticipated, and Doug has a seven to ten day hospital stay and a six week recovery ahead of him.

That’s it for my week {so far}. We’re hoping to have a somewhat relaxing weekend that I’m sure will include several trips to the hospital. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day!



Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

JEALOUS! I love me some Ikea. The closest one to us is about 7 hours away.

Sounds like you've had a busy week. Good luck with your new business venture!


Rhonda said...

We don't have an IKEA where I live. Don't even know where one is?? Sounds like you have had a busy week. Love your beautiful!

I know what you mean about salons. I'm so tired of paying $70.00 or more to get my hair highlighted. And, then it looks like basically one color! Ugh. I've decided that on Monday I am going to go pay a lot less $30.00, but will be done by a student. Of course, I'm going to ask for the best one for hair color, and one about to graduate. I'm scared, but gonna try it! We will see. Good luck to you!