Monday, May 25, 2009

Friend Makin' Mondays ~ How I Met My Sweetie

This week for Friend Makin' Monday, in honor of Kasey's anniversary, we are sharing how we met our significant others. I'm a little late in posting, but am excited to share our story! I've mentioned bits and pieces of the story in other posts, but here is the whole thing. :o)

Nate and I first met in seventh grade choir. He was a bass and I was a soprano, and we sat across the room from one another. I thought he was absolutely adorable and quickly developed a big crush. I don't know that we even ever spoke a word to each other that year, and although we both continued with choir, we never had another class together. I do remember being very jealous of the girl he "dated" in ninth grade, but our paths rarely crossed and I began to do my own fair share of "dating."

Our high school had casual dances after each home football game, and Nate and I shared our first dance at one early in our sophomore year. We continued to dance at these dances together {we were well known for our dirty dancing skills ~ what can I say? I wasn't an angel!}and went to homecoming together. We watched a couple movies at my house with friends during that fall, but once football season was over, we went our separate ways. Fast~forward several months to February ~ I needed a date for the Valentine's Day Tolo {girls choice, of course} and I asked Nate. We had a good time at the dance and shared our first kiss, but he wanted someone to pursue him {yes, he was one of THOSE boys} and I wasn't willing to do the pursuing so that was the end of that. A few months later, we went on a big overnight trip for a choir competition {I was in the Treble Choir and Nate was in Men's Choir}, and after a day of major flirting, it seemed like we were finally about to officially get together. I turned my back for a few hours {I was momentarily distracted by my first boyfriend who had broken my heart the year before and wanted to get back together ~ he looked so cute in his white tuxedo that all the guys in Men's Choir wore} and one of my good girlfriends snatched Nate up! I wasn't overly upset though ~ we all stayed friends and even double dated several times over the next six months or so with a guy that I began dating shortly after that choir trip.

High school ended, I went onto college, and I honestly didn't give Nate much more thought. I'd heard that he and his older brother were both in Iraq, and prayed for their safe return, assuming that they both made it back safely when I didn't hear otherwise. A few years later, I connected with my old friend on myspace and learned that she and Nate had broken up shortly after high school. Nate was also one of my myspace friends, but I was in a serious, long~term relationship and didn't make much of an attempt to rekindle our friendship.

Fast~forward again to November 2007. I was single and enjoying a night out dancing at our local country bar. While on the dance floor, I looked over at the bar, and there he was ~ a little older and more broad~shouldered than the guy I'd had such a crush on in choir but still the same adorable Nate. We smiled and waved, but I was too busy dancing and didn't go over to say hi. A few days later, he sent me a message on myspace, wanting an apology because I hadn't come over for a hug when I'd seen him. I offered to make it up to him by taking a two~step lesson with him the following week. We went to the lesson, and I quickly remembered how much fun we always had together on the dance floor. {We laughed and talked so much that I'm surprised the teacher didn't kick us out!} We met up for several more lessons, and had our "second" first kiss a few days before Christmas. We went on our "second" first date on January 5th, 2008, and have been inseparable ever since.

So there it is ~ how I met my sweetie! Not the most exciting story by any means and it's definitely a little long, but I love it just the same!



Jen said...

I think it's adorable that you're together with your 'crush' from 7th grade. Who says you don't know your mind when you're young?! What a sweet story :-)

Rhonda said...

Loved your love story. I hope you both can dance together forever! How sweet!

Kristina P. said...

I love that you met int he 7th grade, and then reconnected!

jennykate77 said...

AWE, Heather!!! What a totally sweet story! Sounds like you guys were always meant to be. :) I bet you're adorable together!

Hope you've been having a great week!