Thursday, May 7, 2009

Favorite Thing of the Week ~ My Pup, Daisy {And a Request for Puppy Advice}

My favorite thing of the week is Daisy {who, by the way, is not named after Daisy de la Hoya; as much as I love her body, I would never name a puppy after her!}. The breeder sent me a few new pictures last night, and I am so excited to share them. I love that she’s finally starting to look like a puppy, not a guinea pig! Six weeks, two days, and counting before she comes home!

After posting Daisy’s first pictures last week, I received several comments asking what kind of dog she is. She is a Papillon ~ you can read more about the breed, my decision to get one, and my search for a breeder here. Here is a picture of what she’ll look like when she comes home.

And what she’ll look like full grown...

Daisy will be my first dog and I’m starting to get a little nervous. My concern is that I will baby her too much and not focus enough on disciplining and training her. Obviously I want her to be a well~behaved and happy dog, but I’m fearful that if I treat her the way my gut instincts tell me to treat an adorable little puppy, she will end up being a spoiled brat. I have done lots of reading and watched many episodes of “The Dog Whisperer,” but would love any advice any bloggy friends have on bringing puppies into the home and turning them into wonderful dogs.

Thank you!



Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader, but just had to jump in with the puppy advice!

I am the proud mommy to a previous guinea pig too!

Darius is now a big and lovely Shetland Sheepdog:
(He's the one on the left. Then our other dog, Angel, the miniature Schnauzer and his litter sister Molly)

The biggest thing to remember when training your dog is to be consistent. Something that may be cute as a puppy (jumping up in excitement) won't be as cute when they get older. If you decide what you will put up with and make sure that everyone follows the rules, you will have a happy and healthy family member. It can be so easy to spoil them, but remember that they will be just as happy if they are well trained as if they get the run of the house.

Good luck and congratulations!

Rhonda said...

That little puppy is ADORABLE Heather!!!!