Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My 30 Session Pilates Challenge ~ An Update

Remember back in May when I decided to challenge myself to 30 sessions of Pilates to see what the results would be? Yeah, I barely remember it too… I was so excited about it and was sure that I would see fabulous results at the end of the 30 sessions. I got out my little yoga mat 4+ times a week and LOVED updating my little Pilates Challenge counter on my blog’s sidebar after each session. And then my Pilates momentum slowed down. My excitement started to fade. Daisy arrived at our house and decided she didn’t like Mommy laying on the floor on a rubber mat kicking her legs all about and began to attack me whenever I’d try to get a little Pilates in. Wedding season hit my business and I began to get more garter orders than I could keep up with. And yesterday, I realized that my little Pilates Challenge counter had been stuck at “19 Sessions Completed, 11 to Go” for weeks.

So I got my yoga mat out last night, stuck Daisy in her kennel with her favorite chicken jerky treats from Trader Joe’s, and got my Pilates on again. It felt great. I considered starting my 30 Session Pilates challenge over as I hadn’t been as faithful about it as I’d like to be, but decided that I didn’t want to discount the sessions I’d already completed. Instead, I’m turning it into a 50 Session Pilates Challenge {20 sessions already completed with another 30 to go} and will share my beginning and halfway results here after completing Session 25.

Here’s to hoping I can stay motivated and stick with it this time around!


Anonymous said...

You can do it!!!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Love your motivation! Can't wait to hear the results!!