Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Got My Embroidery Machine!

I just want to thank everyone for their opinions and words of encouragement last week as I was contemplating buying an embroidery machine. A sewing machine store in our area was having a Christmas in July sale, and I was able to get a great deal on Brother’s LB6770 PRW.

I am so so excited to put my new machine to good use! Monogrammed garters, ring pillows, table runners ~ the possibilities are endless! Unfortunately, the machine is still in the box for the moment as I madly finish up my garter orders from last week ~ I knew if I set it up and tried to figure out all its bells and whistles, I would get way too distracted to get done what needs to get done this week. Hopefully I’ll have time over the weekend!

In other exciting news, the ladies at the sewing machine shop had tons of new garter ideas for me and they introduced me to some sewing machine feet that will make life so much easier once I learn to use them. Like the elastic foot, which will allow me to sew the elastic directly onto my fabric instead of having to make a casing which I thread the elastic through using safety pins.

And the ruffler foot.

And the best foot of all ~ the narrow hem foot. This foot does all the hemming work for you ~ no more pinning and ironing and pinning and ironing to get a nice, narrow hem. I’m really excited about this one because it means I can start using novelty fabrics instead of just ribbon for my garters. I’ve shied away from making garters out of fabric up until now because I figured it would take too darn long to do the hemming. But not anymore!

Can you tell I’m excited?!? And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any suggestions you might have for other monogrammed wedding items I might be able to make!



Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

I have a few ideas for you!! How about embroidered flower girl bags for their petals? Or hankies for the moms (and dads)? Or embroidered gift bags for bridesmaids gifts? Or his and her embroidered napkins for their first meal together at the wedding? Lingere bags for the bride on her honeymoon?
Ooh how fun!! I am so excited for you! Think of how you can build your business now!!!!


Katie said...

Wow how cool! I think little monogramed bags for the bride to give her bridesmaids would be a fun gift. Maybe cosmetic sized? I don't know if you like to cover photo albums but I saw some gorgeous ones covered in silk with a monogram and ribbon tied around them with a silk flower. I super duper ♥ those until I saw the whopping $50 price tag! We're talking a little one up sized album.

mrssoup said...

Awesome!! Cannot WAIT to see what you make!

Love the idea of the little bags for the bridesmaids. And the handkerchiefs. Could also do boutonniere ribbons to be wrapped around the flowers or flags to be put underneath the boutonnieres. Little bags for the bride to put jewelry into for the bridesmaid gifts (since jewelry tends to be a common gift).

I'll have to keep thinking for you too....

Bitter Sweet Moments said...

Congrats!! I have the machine that is a step above that one and I love it. The feet attachments are a life saver:)