Friday, July 17, 2009

It Must Be Wedding Season Because I am a Busy Busy Girl

Just wanted to wish everyone a fabulous weekend and offer a little explanation as to why I haven't had a Fabulous Finds Friday or Friday Confessions post the past few weeks. Wedding season is in full swing and almost every free moment I get is spent on garters. I'm excited that things are going so well ~ I've already had a record~earning month and we still have two more weeks of July! ~ but have definitely had a lot less "Heather" time lately and have yet to open up the box my new embroidery machine came in. Hopefully I can squeeze in an hour or two of play time with it this weekend and try my hand at a little monogramming.

I do want to share a little lesson I learned this week ~ if you have a puppy known for her stinky farts, you can TOTALLY pass your SBD's off on her!

Enjoy the sun this weekend!


mrssoup said...

Woo!! Way to learn the lesson of the SBDs blaming on the puppy!

Make sure to have at least a little time for yourself!

Katie said...

BTW thrilled to hear you are super busy it's great to hear a business has taken off!

PS: You SO need to keep that family of puppies together. Give Nate your own sad puppy faces...