Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fantastic Find!

We stopped by an antique store just down the road from our house yesterday, and I made an amazing find ~ an old school desk! I've been searching for one for years, but haven't been able to find anything in decent condition at a reasonable price. I got this beauty for 60% off the original asking price ~ the owner was downsizing her shop and had everything marked down to ridiculously low prices. It's in great shape ~ just needs a good dusting ~ and even came with an ink well!

I'm going to store the desk at my parents' house until we move into our new place ~ its decorating possibilities are endless! ~ and until then their big Spikey cat will be happy to adorn it. He hopped right on as soon as we brought it in the house ~ let's just hope he keeps his claws out of it!

Feeling pleased with my purchase,