Monday, January 5, 2009

Celebrating our One-Year Anniversary

Today is our one-year anniversary as a couple. Unfortunately, our actual celebration has been postponed due to the nasty cold/cough I’ve had for the past week and my abscessed tooth that is getting its very own root canal tomorrow morning, but I’m sure we’ll hit one out of the park when we do celebrate this weekend.

A little bit about our history: although we’ve only been together a year, our story started years ago ~ we were in seventh grade choir together, and I had the BIGGEST crush on the cute guy with the deepest voice in the class. He told me shortly after we started dating that he had a crush on me around the same time, but nothing came of our puppy~love feelings until a few years later when we started dancing together at the after-football-game dances our sophomore year. I really liked him, and we went to Homecoming and the Valentine’s Day Tolo together that year, but I guess it wasn’t our time because neither one of us acted on our feelings, and we drifted our separate ways. 10+ years later, we ran into each other at the local country bar, took a few two-step lessons together, went on our “second” first date, and have been inseparable ever since.

I feel so blessed to be with a wonderful man who not only tells me he loves me multiple times each day, but goes out of his way to show me he loves me every day. He makes me laugh, cooks dinner for me every night, quickly forgives my occasional emotional outbursts, lets me drag him to the craft store at least three times a week with minimal complaints, and tucks me in on the nights I go to bed before he does ~ just being with him makes me feel so special. The year we have had together has been my happiest one yet. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Still feeling twitterpated after a year together,