Monday, January 26, 2009

The Great Puppy Search of ’08-’09 ~ Found a Breeder!

Okay, so last week I was completely torn between adopting a puppy from a breeder and rescuing one from the shelter. I thought long and hard about it over the weekend, and had several discussions with my almost-mother-in-law (Dear Boyfriend’s mom) about the problems that a puppy rescued from a puppy mill could have (as a result of inbreeding, poor living conditions, etc). I thought about all the research I’d done on small dogs when I was trying to find the right breed for me. And I thought about how completely and utterly in love I fell with the Papillon breed as I learned more and more about it and found more and more adorable pictures of puppy and adult Papis. I looked on to see if Papillons are even available from shelters in our area (and it turns out that the closest ones are multiple states away). Taking all of that into consideration, I decided to move forward with my original decision to adopt a Papillon from a breeder. I had a bit of downtime yesterday, and contacted several breeders in our area. I heard from one of them first thing this morning, and was ecstatic with her response. Her kennel is just an hour north of me, and she is planning on breeding one of her females as soon as she comes in heat ~ the puppies should be available this spring! (She did have a litter born last night, but those puppies will be available about a month too soon for us.) I’ve included pictures of the female and the male she will be bred with ~ aren’t they the cutest things ever?!? I asked to be added to the waiting list for a female from their litter, and I’m just about as excited as is humanly possible for spring (and puppies!) to arrive!

With lots of puppy love,