Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prayer Request

I haven't said much about this, but Nate lost his job in April right before we moved and he hasn't had a lot of luck finding something new. He's going in today to apply/interview at Arthur Murray for a position as a dance instructor. I know that he would be amazing at this job, and we really need for him to find something soon, so this could be perfect. If you get a chance, please say a little prayer for him at noon that the application and interview goes well.

Thank you, and happy Tuesday!

UPDATE: It turned out that today was just an application day ~ Nate got that all taken care of and is scheduled for an interview on Thursday at noon. Fingers crossed that it goes well!


Mrs Soup said...

I've put a reminder in my calendar to pray at noon.


Katie said...

Well I'm a little late, so I cna't pray that thing will go well during the interview. I'll pray that the invterviewer has happy thought about Nate tonight and can't get such a well qualified candidate out of his or her mind. Go Nate!

Jen said...

Our internet was down all day :( I hope it all went well!

jenjen said...

Oh - I just saw this! I hope it went well. I am sending prayers his way!


Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Saying a prayer for him for tomorrow!!!