Monday, September 28, 2009

I Found the Perfect Wedding Dress!

Now I'm just waiting on Nate to propose!

I have subscriptions to multiple bridal magazines, and use the excuse that I need them for "business purposes" to justify the 3+ magazines that arrive in our mailbox every month. In truth, I like to look at them to get ideas for my own wedding that I hope and pray will happen sometime in the near~ish future.

I found this dress in the most recent arrival, Elegant Bride, and think that it is absolutely perfect. I always assumed that I would have to buy two dresses ~ one for the ceremony and another for the reception ~ so I would be able to dance comfortably {let's face it, poufy white dresses and Argentine Tango are not a fabulous mix} and then I came across this one. It's two dresses in one ~ you just remove the taffeta skirt and your fabulous wedding dress becomes a beautiful little lace number perfect for dancing! I'm in love!


Mrs Soup said...


I LOVED that my dress was able to have the train removable. As in, when my mom was creating the dress, I did a doodle and said "Mom, can this be the train?". She made it happen. It was buttoned at the front and fit underneath the bodice. LOVED not having to worry about the bustle coming down, or taking 2 years to do it up.

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Very nice- what did N think? :))


jennykate77 said...

That dress is beautiful and looks so much like you! I think that is the most clever thing, that the skirt comes off and then you have a lovely short dress for dancing!!

jennykate77 said...

Hope Nate proposes soon. :)

Jen said...

Lovely! Although I liked my big poofy skirt hiding my two left feet :)

Katie said...

Wow I had no idea they made converable dresses. It's so pretty, both styles!