Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Want My Body Back

More specifically, I want this body back.

I took this picture and sent it to Nate back in December 2007 while on a vacation in Maui. For the first time in years, I was happy with my body and felt 100% confident in a bikini. I even wore a WHITE BIKINI while on the trip! Nate and I officially got together a few days after I returned, and I soon discovered that loving an Italian means eating lots of pasta and participating in lots of family gatherings where food is the centerpiece of the event. The body I had in that picture quickly vanished!

The good news is that I’m only 8 to 10 pounds heavier {depending on the day} now than I was in
the picture. {And in case you’re wondering, 8 to 10 pounds on a 5’1 frame unfortunately makes a noticeable difference.} The bad news is that I’ve been trying to shed the extra pounds for the past year and a half with little to no luck. I think part of my problem is that my attempts have been half~hearted at best, but I am finally 100% fed up with being unhappy with how I look, getting frustrated when I get dressed because my clothes don’t fit as well as they used to, and wishing that I was thinner.

I have set multiple goals to lose the weight in time for a certain event ~ both of our trips to Vegas, my best friend’s wedding last October, summer, Nate’s brother’s wedding this past weekend. Apparently none of these events were motivation enough for me to completely jump on the weight loss train because I sure didn’t lose the weight in time for them. This time around, the only motivation I need is me. I’m going to lose the extra pounds because I want to, and because I will feel better about myself once I do, not because some big event is coming up.

So here are a few of the steps I’m going to take as I work to get my body back:

~ I am going to write down everything I eat. Having to acknowledge on paper what I have put in my mouth has helped keep me accountable in the past, and I am hopeful that it will work now.
~ I am committed to doing four days of cardio a week, in addition to Daisy’s daily walks. It might not always be easy to fit these workouts in with my schedule, but I won’t regret squeezing them in once I’ve reached my goals.
~ I am going to take things slow and will remain positive even if I have minor setbacks. I didn’t gain the weight in a day or a week, or even a month, and I can’t expect to lose it in that time.
~ I am going to provide weekly updates of my progress on my blog. I hope that this will keep me accountable and make it easier to stay on track.

Wish me luck!


Vivienne said...

It'll happen! I have to get back on the plan too.

jenjen said...

You can do it! Great to-do list!


Mrs Soup said...

You can totally do this!

Jen said...

Good luck Heather! You can do it :) I'd love to lose 10, I'd settle for 5, but the M&Ms somehow keep finding their way into my hand. Damn.

Amanda said...

You can do it! I am the exact same almost just 5 ft and have gained around 10 lbs, my pants are tight;(I cannot seem to get with the program. I always say I'll start next week so I really admire you! Best of luck:)