Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Job Update

I just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers last week regarding Nate's job interview, and thought I'd offer up a little update. The interview went well, and Nate was asked to come back for a second interview today. He thought about the position, and we discussed the impact it would have on us and our relationship, and he decided not to pursue it and ended up canceling his interview. It turns out that the available position is part-time to start, 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm five nights a week. After months as a part-time instructor, he could get bumped to full-time, which would be noon to 10:00 pm four or five nights a week. As I work 7 to 4, those hours would mean we would see each other just in passing during the week, and that's not enough for us. And it would mean we'd probably have to give up Argentine Tango (our classes are during the week), which is something neither of us want to do. Plus, the studio was really looking for someone who has a desire to be a dance instructor for a career, and while Nate enjoys dancing and teaching, he doesn't see himself doing both for years and years.

And so the search continues. We both remain thankful that Nate is eligible to collect unemployment, and that he will be able to apply for an extension if it runs out before he is able to find something more suitable. I will be sure to keep you all posted on how the search is going. :o)


Katie said...

Well this interview went sucessfully, so I am sure the next one will too. Sounds like it wasn't the right fit and you're right not being able to spend time together would seriously impact your relationship. It would certainly make things tougher.

jenjen said...

I have been thinking and wondering about you guys. I am sorry it didn't work out, but I can see that maybe that wasn't the best fit. I will be praying that something great comes along soon!


Mrs Soup said...

Sometimes its so hard to turn down something that isn't right, but I'm impressed. Good luck Nate, the right job is out there!

Badass Geek said...

He'll find something. I wish him luck!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Know that God has a plan for Nate's career aspirations! We just have to be patient to see what that might be!


Vivienne said...

Oh gosh, I've been so crazy busy and behind on all my blog reading that I'm so out of the loop! I'm trying to catch up, but will tell you I'll be praying about this.

You guys are smart to put your relationship at the top of the list when deciding about a job.