Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Preparing for Life with Puppy

In eleven short days, Nate and I will be making the two hour drive up to the breeder’s to pick up Daisy. I can hardly believe that after all this waiting {it’s been almost seven months since I started my puppy search}, we are finally bringing our pup home! I am excited and anxious, nervous and giddy. Maybe adopting a puppy doesn’t seem like such a big deal to most people, but it is huge for me. I have always always been a cat person, so just the idea of a dog seems almost foreign to me. And I have never even been around a puppy for much more than a few minutes, so having one to take care of 24~7 could prove to be a bit of a challenge!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on getting ready for our Daisy girl ~ we have her kennel, a bed, multiple leashes and collars, treats, a brush, shampoo, blankets, and more toys than she could ever possibly play with. We still need to pick up a few things ~ a travel carrier, a second baby gate so we can keep her confined to the living room, and a stake for her tie~out in the backyard, but other than that, we are good to go! I’ve been practicing picking up my shoes, books, and other items that may be appealing as puppy chew toys. I’ve researched pet insurance. I have read multiple books about training dogs in general and small dogs specifically, and am almost 100% sure of the potty training methods we are going to practice. In short, we are ready for our new Life with Puppy!

I am ready to snuggle her and play with her, walk her and train her. I am ready to love her and be loved by her. And after hearing all the fabulous things dog lovers keep saying about puppy breath, I am even ready to enjoy that! How could I not be? Look at that adorable little face!


Tina said...

OK that is the cutest dog.....

mrssoup said...

I cannot wait to hear your stories of her wiggling into your life! A puppy is one of the best experiences ever!

As for pet insurance, I would wait and see how her health is. For us, our dogs have all been super healthy, so insurance would have been a waste of money. For my mother-in-law's dog, it is the best investment.

And this puppy will become your child. In fact, our dogs are still our babies, even with the arrival of a real baby. They are family.

I wish you many many MANY years of happiness with Daisy!

And lots of pictures!!

theshoeman said...

Allright Heather, you are SO stoked for this. You are going to make a GREAT mother to "Daisy". It will be interesting to see you welcome the new member to your family.
I think Daisy is going to be a very lucky little girl indeed, there is truly nothing like the unconditional love a dog brings to your home.
As for a carrier, I think a "lunch bag" would be just about big enough don't you? Oh, and "uncle Scott" still has to get the traditional "Harley toy" for her.....
You are going to enjoy her SO much!