Friday, June 12, 2009

The ABC's of Me

I’ve been sick with the flu the past few days, so I haven’t had the energy for a Fabulous Finds Friday and Friday Confessions post, but I saw this on Tanielle’s blog this morning and thought it was the perfect little meme for today.

~ ~ ~ ABC’s ~ ~ ~
A -Age: 29

B -Bed size: queen

C -Chore you hate: taking the garbage out ~ that’s man’s work!

D -Donuts or Kolaches: maple bar, please ~ I don’t even know what a kolache is!

E -Essential start your day item: potty stop and shower

F -Favorite color: pink

G -Gold or Silver: silver

H -Height: 5' 1/2” {when you're only 5 feet tall, you gotta get that half inch in there too!}

I -Instruments you play: I used to play the piano until a disastrous piano recital put the kibosh on that

J -Jokes or Rhymes: jokes, I guess… not really big on either

K -Kids: none yet!

L -Living arrangements: with my sweetie, Nathan; we’ll be joined by Daisy in a little over a week though!

M -Movie: favorite? Crocodile Dundee

N -Nicknames: Nate calls me Cupcake sometimes but that’s it as far as nicknames go. Oh, my mom calls me “H” sometimes, which drives me batty

O-Overnight hospital stays: none

P -Pet Peeve: when women use toilet paper for a seat cover and exit the stall without making sure that the T.P. has been flushed ~ this really grosses me out!

Q -Quote you like: “I love you more today than yesterday but only half as much as tomorrow.”

R -Right or left handed: right

S -Siblings: nope

T -Time you wake up: 6:20 during the week, and usually around 7:00 on the weekends

U -Underwear: yes ~ thongs during the day and boy shorts when I’m relaxing at home

V -Vegetable you dislike: how about I list the veggies I do like instead? that list is much shorter: carrots, lettuce, corn :o)

W -Ways you run late: I always underestimate how long it will take me to get ready

X -X-rays you've had: feet {when I was eleven to make sure my feet had stopped growing so I could start pointe} and teeth

Y -Yummy food you make: I don’t cook, but Nate makes a delicious chicken and white sauce meal that’s my absolute favorite {can’t give him full credit for it though ~ we got the recipe from my mom}

Z -Zodiac sign: Taurus

Have a wonderful weekend!



mrssoup said...

Love that quote!

And I can't believe Daisy will be there in a week! There better be TONS of photos!! :D

OMG, yes...the TP on the horrible. *shudders*

Vivienne said...

I am sooo with you on the pet peeve! Disgusting!
I tagged you. Please come on over if you want to play.

Lins said...

That quote is the same one my Dad writes in all his cards to my Mom. So cute...

jenjen said...

That is really cute. I would have never guessed that your favorite color is pink - lol. I hope you feel better soon!


Kelli said...

I love this list...I may have to copy. My 5' friends always add the 1/2 too.

Tanielle said...

Loved your list!! So fun to get to know a little more about you!!! I did pointe also, oh how I miss it!!! My toes are deformed a little though.:-)