Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photo Fun

Last week, Vivienne at The V Spot {who, by the way is abolutely hilarious ~ be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already} tagged me for some random photo fun. Here's what I've been instructed to do:

~ Open my first photo folder
~ Scroll down to the 10th photo
~ Post that photo and story on my blog
~ Tag five friends to do the same

So here's the thing ~ my first photo folder includes pictures of a time in my life that I don't like to revisit. And the tenth photo in the first folder is cute ~ it's a picture of my ex's dog. But for obvious reasons, I think it's best that we pretend that I no longer have pictures from that time in my life. Moving on... The second folder included pictures from my best friend's wedding. And the tenth folder happens to be a picture of her father~in~law. He is a nice man and all, but I don't really know him and I highly doubt any of you would get a big kick out of seeing his picture. Onto the third folder, which contains grainy, cell phone pictures from the past 4+ years. SCORE! A sharable, fun picture!

This is a picture of my kitties' mama with her mama. I love love love to share this story, even though it starts during that time that I don't really like to talk about. Sometime during 2004, a tame outdoor cat "adopted" the house that my ex was living at. I have always loved cats and didn't have one at the time, so it seemed natural that I would start to feed this sweet, loving little kitty. The next summer, I was excited to discover that my kitty had had a kitten. I made several attempts to bond with the kitten, but she was just about as feral as they come. She was adorable though, as you can see in the picture. We kept meaning to take both cats into a cat refuge in our area to get spayed, but just never got around to it. Fast forward to the next summer. The kitten was now a year old and a mama herself to these little angels ~ Lily and Jasmine.

As soon as they were old enough, I snatched them up and took them home with me. They have turned out to be the best cats ever and I love them dearly. They live with my parents now {I moved home for a short time, and during that time, the girls fell in love with my parents and their cat; when it came time for me to move out, there was just no way I could take them away} and I am so thankful that I started feeding their grandma so long ago.

I would like to tag:

Mrs. Soup
~ Lins @ Goodbye Martha
~ Shawn @ Seriously
~ JennyKate @ JennyKate's Spot
~ JenJen @ Tatertots & Jello

Can't wait to see your pictures!


Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Aww...sweet story!!


Kelli said...

She is so funny isn't see. Cute kitties.

jenjen said...

Hi Heather!
Thanks for the tag! Your kitty's so cute! Hope you had a wonderful day!


Shawn said...

Love the story! It's not every day that feral cats find a happy ending.

I will be happy to play along. This is perfect timing since I'm short on time today and seem to have writers block!

Lins said...

So not a cat person, but she's almost cute!

Thanks for the tag...this is good blog fodder for my blank brain this morning! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet story!

My post will be up shortly!


jennykate77 said...

AWE! Heather! What a sweet story...and I love that you ended up with the original kitty's granddaughters. :) They are so cute! Thanks for sharing the story and the pics...and thanks for the tag! I'm going to do it right now, b/c if I don't I'll totally forget. I've been so bad lately.

Hope you're having a great day!!

Vivienne said...

Cute kitty and I don't blame you for being selective with your photos...

Anonymous said...

Heather thanks for leaving the cats with us. It was hard on you but we love them so much! Fun to see the pictures of their Mom and Grandma.Love Mom