Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fabulous Finds Friday & Friday Confessions ~ June 5th

Whoo hoo! We made it to Friday! As always, I have some fabulous finds and confessions to share. Here they are!

P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps. Maybe I’m the last person on the planet who had yet to try these yummy little appetizers before last Sunday. If so, and you already know how fabulous they are, I apologize ~ you’re just going to have to listen to me gush about them anyway. These little babies are delicious! At 322 calories and 6 grams of fat per plate {according to CalorieKing}, they make for a great substitute for an entrée and are incredibly filling. I can’t wait to get back and have them again. In the meantime, I’m on a quest to find a recipe for them so we can make them at home. I’ll be sure to share if I find a good one!

The Little Couple. I’m not ashamed to admit that Nate and I love our reality television. Our preferences are pretty eclectic ~ we watch everything from Daisy of Love and Charm School to Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment and Ice Road Truckers. But the best one by far is TLC’s The Little Couple. The show follows newlyweds Bill, a business man, and Jen, a neonatologist, as they experience the joys of marriage, learn to live with one another after spending the first year of their marriage in separate states, and make decisions about starting a family. The two are endearing, charming, and fun to watch. They love each other and worry about each other so much. I guarantee that you will fall in love with them and their show ~ even my dad likes it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now onto my confessions…

~ I routinely get myself locked in our bathroom and have to be rescued by Nate. If I’ve just put on lotion or washed my hands and haven’t gotten them 100% dry {I’m notoriously horrible about not fully drying my hands}, I can’t get the door open to save my life. The handle is really slippery, and my hands just slip right off it!

~ I somehow managed to drop the glue gun WHILE IT WAS ON on my foot Wednesday night. The shock and pain caused me to freeze for a moment before I could even THINK about moving to get it off my foot. Let me tell you, hot glue on bare feet does not feel fabulous. Thank goodness for Aquafor ~ it was feeling as good as new yesterday!

~ We haven't washed dishes since Wednesday. {Apparently living without a dishwasher has made me very lazy, and hey, I never claimed to be a good housekeeper!} Whoops.

Happy Friday!



mrssoup said...

We haven't washed dishes since ummm...longer than Wednesday. And we have a dishwasher (kinda). One of those portable ones that we have to hook up to the sink. We've done just enough dishes to eat on. We are pathetic.

Oh, and for the lettuce wraps?


May you be blessed to enjoy them muchly!! They are the BEST THING EVER!!! Ours has a "happy hour" where you can get some for $4 between 4 and 6pm. *drool* Now I know what I want for dinner tonight....

Kelli said...

The lettuce wraps are very yummy...I'm glad you discovered them.

jennykate77 said...

OhMyGosh! I LOVE lettuce wraps from PF Chang's (and Pei Wei)...they're the yummiest!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!!

Vivienne said...

Oh honey. Yes. Yes you are the last person to discover lettuce wraps, but that's OK - you finally found them!!

jenjen said...

OMG - you are cracking me up today. Those lettuce wraps are my favorite thing ever. I get those on my birthday every year - YUM!

And I put lotion on every night before I go to bed. I am always trying to undo the door and I get so frustrated!