Monday, April 27, 2009

New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

I have a tiny confession to make ~ I have failed horribly at keeping my New Year’s resolutions, particularly the one about working out more and eating healthier. I’ve gotten hit three times so far this year with awful colds, which hasn’t helped me stay on a regular workout schedule, and I’ve made my garter business a higher priority than my physical well~being. The result: absolutely no change in my weight! Here is a look back at what I had vowed to do starting in January:

~ Pilates and/or yoga five days a week (I love doing both, and have noticed real changes in my body as a result of doing each consistently
~ 40 minutes of cardio three days a week
~ Strength training in my office four days a week (I have a somewhat secluded office and do squats, plies, abs and arms throughout the day to keep my blood flowing and break up the monotony of life in an office)
~ Eat a healthier diet ~ more fruits and veggies, less carbs and chocolate (as much as I hate to do it, I’m going to limit my pasta intake, and try to cut back on the yummy Lean Cuisine frozen meals I bring for lunch because they are so high in sodium)

I am just about fed up with my favorite jeans fitting just a bit too tight, so I’ve decided to revamp my resolutions and climb back on the weight~loss train. I think part of my problem is that I wasn’t specific enough with the steps I was going to take to keep my resolution and meet my goal of losing the ten pounds I’ve gained since Nate and I got together. Here is my new plan:

~ Make a workout schedule for the week each Sunday. We usually know how our week is going to play out by Sunday, and having a set schedule will ensure that I get in the cardio, Pilates/yoga, and strength training I need every week and that I make working out a priority over garter making.
~ Cut back on/eliminate after~dinner snacking. If I absolutely have to have a snack, I will grab an apple or some carrots.
~ Make monthly weight loss goals and write them down! According to Jillian Michaels, we are more likely to reach goals that we have written down ~ 95% of people who have not written down their goals fail to meet them!

~ Write down everything I eat and try to keep my daily caloric intake around 1400 calories. I will give myself one or two “free” meals a week, although this won’t mean freedom to pig out.
~ Eat a salad at least once a day.
~ Keep a list of the fruit and veggies we have on the fridge. I so often buy apples and carrots and forget that we have them. A reminder of the healthy snacks we have should help me to eat them instead of chips or cookies and will help prevent the fruit and veggies from rotting in the fridge. Gross, I know, but it’s been known to happen.

Wish me luck! I plan to blog about my progress ~ hopefully knowing that I will be sharing my journey will help keep me accountable!

Happy Tuesday!



Vivienne said...

That's smart to write down what you HAVE as well as what you're OUT of. I am going to have to do that too. Especially with brocoli. (And shoes.)