Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get Fit While Blogging!

So I know I’m supposed to be taking a bloggy break, but I miss blogging! I miss all of the blogs I follow on a daily basis, I miss having an outlet to share my thoughts and feelings, and I miss getting fun little comments. And yes, I realize that this is sad and pathetic considering I’ve only been on my little break since Saturday. Oh well. I’m back!

I found this little article on Shine this morning ~ Ten Ways to Get Fit While You’re Glued to the Computer ~ and just had to share it. Now we can get in shape WHILE WE BLOG! How fabulous is this?!? I wonder how long before I’ll start to see results from the Twitter Tummy Tone…

Here are the ten moves outlined in the article:

1. Cyber Squats - Who says you have to sit when you're online? Set your chair aside for a few minutes and instead do squats as you cruise around the Web.

2. RSS Raises – As you're sitting at your desk, straighten your knees and lift your legs out in front of you. Do this as you catch up on your favorite blogs on your RSS reader.

3. 10 Minute Move it! Break #1 – Alternate jogging in place with jumping jacks – do a minute of each and repeat 5 times.

4. Twitter Tummy Tone - Tighten your abs for 30 seconds and then release. Do this as you tweet.

5. Social Squeezes – Tighten your glutes for 30 seconds and then release. (Good thing no one can see you at this social, right?) Repeat as you Stumble, Digg, or Friend on Facebook.

6. 10 Minute Move it! Break #2 – Grab a step stool and climb up and down – get creative if you like and alternate knee lifts at the top of the step.

7. Inbox Incline - While you're sitting with your feet on the floor, raise your heels so you are on the balls of your feet and lower them. Make sure you can feel it in your calves. Do this as you read and reply to your emails.

8. 10 Minute Move it! Break #3 – Do walking lunges around the house or office. Want to make it more challenging? Add some weights and do bicep curls at the same time.

9. Blogger Breather - Grab a quick minute to just close your eyes and focus on your breath. Count to 10 as you slowly inhale through your nose, thinking positive thoughts. Exhale through your mouth, again counting to 10. This time release all the tension and stress out of your body. Repeat if you have a few more seconds.

10. Sign Off Stretches. Your neck and shoulders can get pretty tense when you sit at a computer too long. So loosen them up throughout the day with:
a) Shoulder shrugs - with your head at your chest, shrug your shoulders up and down.
b) Neck Rolls - relax your shoulders and let your head roll forward. Slowly rotate your head in a circle. Repeat five times.

Ladies, do you see yourself doing any of these moves? Which ones sound the best? Or the most ridiculous? Worth a shot though ~ as Vivienne noted in her comment, all the little things do add up!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Vivienne said...

Hi Heather,
I don't think any of them are silly. My lap-top is on our breakfast bar, so I frequently get off of the bar stool and stand while doing calf raises. One of my friends sits on one of those fitness balls instead of a chair...
It all adds up.

Kristina P. said...

These are awesome! See, I should spend MORE time blogging!

jenjen said...

That's so funny! I was thinking about this around the beginning of the year as I made my resolution to work out more. I thought, if someone could make a way to blog AND work out - they would be beyond rich! Like a screen attached to an elliptical machine or something. Seriously, if I worked out as much as I spend blogging or commenting, I would be in the best shape ever!

Thanks for the tips. I will try them out! And have fun on your break!


jennykate77 said...

THIS is the kind of research I've been hoping for! Getting fit while blogging, now that I can do!

Jillian's Shred Workout = no fun
Getting Fit While Blogging = FUN ☺

Hope you're having a great day!!

P.S. I'm glad you didn't stay away too long. ☺