Friday, January 15, 2010

Sadness & Celebration

After coming back from my last bloggy break, I was sure that I wouldn’t stay away for long again. Well, I called that one wrong. It’s been over six weeks since my last post! Craziness! I’m hoping to be more diligent about blogging regularly in the future because it is such a great outlet for expressing myself and my feelings, and because I have lots of new things to share with everyone! But before I get to that sharing, I need to share a few other things...

It has been a week of great sadness at my work. Our CFO and my boss, Lars, had his last day with the company last Friday. The official word is that he stepped down, but regardless of how it happened ~ whether it was his choice or someone else's ~ he's gone and we weren't given a chance to say goodbye.

Lars wasn’t just a great boss ~ he was also a great man. In my life, I have met few people who are as selfless and caring as he is. Several years ago, when I was dealing with legal issues with my ex, Lars not only accompanied me to a law office to talk to a lawyer, but he also paid my legal bills. Knowing how much strain I was under, he asked me every day without fail how I was doing and what my stress level was. He was always there to listen and offer advice; to this day, I don’t know if I could have gotten through that time without his support. I would venture to say that he had similar special relationships with each of my nine coworkers who worked under him ~ that’s just the type of person he is.

And now he’s gone. All of us in the department are grieving for our loss. All evidence of him is gone ~ his office has been ceremoniously cleaned out, his name and picture have been removed from our website, all the locks and key codes have been changed. We weren’t given time to mourn for him ~ the attitude has just been “Soldier On, and Don’t Look Back.” And I’m miserable about it. I feel so sad that I feel like I might burst. I can’t sleep without dreaming about the whole situation; I worry about how he is doing almost non~stop. I want to send him a note and let him know that while he may be gone from the company, he is not gone from the hearts of those who worked with him, but I’m not even sure how to put that into words.

THIS. JUST. SUCKS. I miss my boss. And I want him back.

On a happier note, Nate received a job offer last night! After nearly nine months of unemployment, this is truly a blessing. He will be working in a call center at Verizon {where my dad works ~ my dad was instrumental in getting Nate connected with the right people in order to get this job} as an independent contractor. It’s not his dream job by any means, but the pay is reasonable, he’ll be working hours similar to mine, and it’s less than seven blocks from our house. We are both very excited that he’ll be joining the workforce again within the next week or so, and I’m hopeful that we can finally start preparing more seriously for our future now that will be a two~income couple once again.

It's odd to be feeling sad and rejoiceful all at once, but I guess that's life!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


Becca said...

SO glad to see you back here. I am sad to hear of yoyr boss- as someone who was laid off last year, it was nice to hear from those you worked with- make sure and reach out to him and don't ignore what happened- he might need someone to talk to?

Yay for Nate!!

Happy Weekend!


Mrs Soup said...

Oh that is just heartbreaking! I'm so sorry for your loss, but YAY for Nate getting a job!

I've missed you!

jenjen said...

So sorry to hear about your boss. Things just are so unfair sometimes. But I am so excited for Nate. That is really awesome news!


Jen said...

I'm so glad to hear that Nate is joining the workforce again, I know that must be a huge relief for both of you (maybe you can start dreaming of your wedding again?)

So sorry to hear about your boss, it sounds like he will be greatly missed. Tough times all around, unfortunately.

Katie said...

I am happy you're back☺ But you are right that so stinks about your boss. That really worries me that your company could end their relationship with him so abruptly. Makes we worry about how much they value the employees left to them. On a much happier note, yippee for a new job and on with your future!!!

J.J. said...

Sorry to hear about your boss. That has got to be tough.

Yay for Nate's job offer!!!!!

sanjeet said...

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