Monday, April 11, 2011

Friend Makin' Mondays ~ Everyday Things

It's been a LONG time since I've done a FMM, but this one was short and sweet, and it seemed like the perfect way to rejoin the party! Visit Kenz to learn more!

Here we go ~ Everyday Things!

1) What is your favorite part of an average day? My favorite part of the day is when I get a “good morning, baby ” text from my sweetie ~ usually between 7:45 and 8:30.

2) Is there one food that you eat every single day? If so, what is it? I have some sort of chocolate every day ~ I usually start the day with a chocolate Vitatop, which is surprisingly filling! And I always have Andes mints in my pantry, so I munch on two or three of those every day too. I’m a certified chocoholic.

3) Are you an early bird, or do you prefer to sleep in late? I’m an early bird ~ usually up by 7:30 on the weekends. Lately, I’ve been up pretty late on Friday and Saturday nights though, so if I can, I sleep in until 9 or so. But I always feel guilty when I get up that late ~ it feels like I’ve wasted part of the day!

4) Share one thing that you're looking forward to doing this week. My new beau, James, and I are going salsa dancing Saturday night with two of our good friends who recently became a couple. It’ll be a nice change from our usual Saturday night out at the country bar.

5) What's for dinner this evening? I have a ton of orders to work on tonight, so dinner will be simple ~ Red Baron’s cheese and garlic French bread pizza (which is really just fancied-up cheesy garlic bread) and salad. I love a meal I can just toss in the oven ~ pizza is a definite staple in my diet.

Happy FMM, everyone!