Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today I…

I “borrowed” this little idea from Kenz at All the Weigh ~ she did it yesterday, and it seems like just the perfect way to get in a little blog post on this busy busy Tuesday.

Today I… will not get buried in the ever~increasing piles of paper that are threatening to take over my office. I will get file folders made this week and finally get my filing done!

Today I… will pray for my almost~mother~in~law who is taking the next step in her reconstruction process this morning. {She had a double mastectomy in November as a preventative measure after testing positive for the breast cancer gene. Today they are putting in expanders to make room for the implants she will get in four to six months.}

Today I… will get a good start on my garter orders for the week. Business has been growing and I HAVE to stay on top of orders or things will get really ugly really quickly.

Today I… will spend some much~needed cuddle time with Nate and Daisy on the couch.

Today I… will complete at least four circuits on Jillian Michael’s Blast Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD ~ it’s even better than 30 Day Shred!

Today I… will give Daisy a good brushing which she so desperately needs {but with seriously hate}.

Today I… will add salad back into my diet. I’ve been horrible about eating my leafy greens lately.

Today I… won’t go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. {My new plan is to wash them every night so they don’t pile up and take over the kitchen counters. It’s been known to happen…}

Today I… will celebrate Day 2 of employment with Nate ~ he started his new job yesterday!

Today I… will drink 48 oz. of water. I got close yesterday, but will get there today for sure.

Today I… will enjoy life!